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Games and VR

Ingeborg Tott VR game
for Finnish National Museum


The game concept won the Embrace Impact Hack-Art-On event, which was organized in the autumn of 2021 by Aalto Studios and Helsinki XR Center.

Our partners: Varjo, MAGICS, and the National Museum of Finland, Helsinki XR Center.

Our team: Pauliina Lahti, Lotta Veromaa, Isra Rab, Alma Hoque

The Game:

The players' task is to gain access to the castle and the King's Hall.

The game starts in the Guards' Room, where the guard tells the plot of the game and the player learns to move in the virtual space. 

The game centers around the Ingeborg Tott statue, standing 7 meters tall, that comes alive in the Artillery room.  The player's task is to bring gifts to the offering table and do the tasks she commands them to. The player's success in the missions determines whether the awakened warlord is pleased or enraged.

The game ends in the King's Hall, where a successful performance on part of the player is rewarded with nobility and riches, but the unlucky one ends up as a poor peasant.

The game was developed for Varjo Aero using Unity game engine. I was in charge of programming the game with C# and Unity developing. I also did some of the 3D models e.g. King's Hall, chest and bat.

We jointly as a team created the game design and produced the game. We used motion capture and scanning to bring the medieval objects and Ingeborg alive.

3D point clouds were cleaned using ReCap and Meshroom. Ingeborg Tott's movements were captured using the Xsens Motion Capture suit by actress Alma Pöysti. 

The guard's character is an armour belonging to the National Museum. The team scanned the armour, using an ArtecLeo 3D scanner, to get the best reference for the 3D model of the guard.

VR Meditation


Meditation Bay is a VR meditation experience. It's part of my thesis about how VR can be used in stress relieving and calming meditation. The exprience includes voice guided meditation and possibility to track your mood before and after the meditation.  The design choices are made to increase the relaxation, reduce stress, and to cause as few disturbing stimuli as possible.
I designed and developed the whole experience based on the research I did in my thesis. The experience is developed with Unity and Meta Quest 2. 3D assets are from Unity asset store.
Made with: Unity, Meta Quest 2, C#, Blender, Photoshop, Visual Studio.
MCFC VR assembly training


Molten carbonate fuel cell machine assemply training in VR. This project was made for a customer who wanted a VR training simulation for educational purposes. The goal is to put the machine pieces in right places in right order. Visual guidance for the player is provided with UI, color ques and sound. The project includes also user interface screen for the MCFC machine which was made based on the pictures the customer sended.
My part: Unity work, gamepaly design, C# programming, some 3D machine parts. I worked mostly with Unity physics mechanics and gameplay.
Made with: Unity, C#, Meta Quest 2, Visual Studio, Blender.
Isla Beppu Fantasma VR experience


VR environment school project made by team of eight persons.
My part: Unity work, C# programming, some 3d assets.
Download free:
Ragnarough 3D game


3D multiplayer game made by team of five persons. I worked as a programmer.
Download free:
Canine anatomy app


Learn animal bones

Made with Unity, Blender, C#, Photoshop
Wizard VR game


Moody wizard themed VR game.
My part: Game design, level design, overall gameplay, C# programming and Unity work.
Most 3d assets: Broken Vector, Ferocious Industries
Egypt themed game


Egypt themed game where the goal is to collect 3 items from the map. The level is mostly procedurally generated. My part of the project was remeshing and texturing some of the mega scans and scetchfab models. I also worked with Unreal Engines nodes and precedurally generated some of the assets to the level.
Made with Unreal Engine 5, Quixel Mixer, Blender


Made with Unity and Blender
All done by me, except the terrain fauna.
Problemouse 2D game


2D game made by team of five second year students from Games Academy TAMK.
My part: Game design, C# programming and Unity work with team.
Download free:
Arrow shoot


Made with Unity, Blender, C#
All made by me
"Fruity" mobile game


Mobile game made for android. All made by me.
Made with Unity, Blender, C#. 
Food Of Fortune mobile app


The project was to make mobile game for TAMK's What makes you wanna move? -project. Task was to try to make a game that would make students eat healthier or move more everyday instead of sitting down. As a four member team, we made a game that would help students eat healthier in every day basis.

Product development project was implemented through extensive agile project management methods.

The game was presented in student fair at TAMK.
My part: Game design, Java programming with team, game background 2D art.
Download free:
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